It's time for REAL change in Hawai'i!

Steve's 3 Es



We need to keep paradise affordable for our citizens.  We must drive down our cost of living, reduce the tax burden, and review our spending to avoid waste and redundancy. conservative




We all have the same dreams for our children.  We want them to be happy and safe, get a great education, and look forward to a bright future!  We need to make sure our kids excel in school and compete favorably nationally and internationally, but also have access to satisfying job opportunities here in the islands.  One of the greatest mentors in my life is my 9th grade teacher -- so I understand the critical role that teachers fill!



We have to keep paradise -- paradise!  Not only because we love to live here, but also to ensure our #1 industry remains healthy.  That means having oceans that are free from harmful bacteria, land that is free of contaminants, and beaches that are pristine.